You Make Me Feel Good (la la la la la)

If you haven’t been able to tell yet from my previous posts, I am a VERY emotional person. I am sentimental and empathetic, so I tend to feel other people’s emotions as well as my own and at times, that can get very overwhelming… believe me. But this also makes the emotions that I feel very strong and when I feel something, I know that it is there.

Especially when I love someone.

I love so many people. I will even say that I love everyone. There are those who get on my nerves and whose views I don’t agree with, terrible people out there who don’t deserve another chance (but whom I would still probably give one to if I ever could), and people who don’t or would never love me back despite anything that I could ever do for them. But this doesn’t stop me from loving them. Many times I have been confronted with the most perplexing feeling I have ever faced, where I feel a sharp pang in my gut caused by hurt or strong disagreement with what someone said or did… yet I also feel another pang for concern for them when they receive the consequences they deserve. I am very aware that there are those who don’t deserve the time that I give them or the effort I put in and that they will never treat me anywhere near as compassionately as I do them. I am not going to turn this into a lament for those that I love in “vain”, however it is important that I somewhat explain the way I think so that you understand how strong this force that I feel towards people truly is. Because of the fact that I am aware of this unreturned love that unfortunately exists in this world throughout many relationships, I am all the more grateful for the connections I hold with those who love me with just as much as strength as I do. I cherish them endlessly.

When you find a specific person that just makes you feel so much better about everything that you ever doubted yourself for, it is something to really hold dear.


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