les rêves.


By this point in time, we have learned a lot about them and how they affect our lives, as well as how they are an effect of what happens in our lives. They give us psychological clues, indicate our stress levels, and reveal our innermost secret thoughts. But I have a friend who can interpret them and though I have always been fascinated by the human capability of producing these slumbering movies, not until now have I been able to appreciate the true beauty and meaning of them by observing his wonderful gift.

The first thing people think of when you mention “interpreting dreams” is… Woah- okay, hold on there… where is this going? Like, are you some kind of hippie or something? Are you about to pour out your mantra? What’s next, do you see my aura?

That may be kind of funny, even I laugh thinking about it, but my intention is not to make fun of anyone’s actual beliefs. The connotation does tend to be spiritual though. Perhaps this has more truth to it than we want to give it.

Maybe the first thing you think of is a person. Joseph, perhaps, the boy with the beautiful, multicolored coat. If he is what comes to mind when dream interpretation is mentioned, then perhaps you grew up going to Sunday School every Sunday and reading bible stories for bedtime. Joseph was able to interpret his brothers’ dreams and then later in time, he discerned the meaning of the Egyptian Pharoah’s dreams. At first, they mocked him and didn’t believe him; but again, the connotation is spiritual.

There is no doubt in my mind that dream interpretation is a purely spiritual gift, but if you had one, this show of similarity should quell it. Most agree anyway that this is so, whether they believe in it or not, for the connotation exists. Yet, there is an ever-present and oh so crucial difference. And this difference is what separates silliness from true spirituality.

See, the reason we want to laugh at things like auras and mantras and why they seem so plainly ridiculous is that they are just that. They are funny because they are ridiculous and make no real sense, and we know they are fantasies created by those desperate to find a reason for our existence or perhaps a little too high on recreational herbs… The fact is that we as a society recognize this, yet we fail to recognize the reason behind it. Society itself created this false identity of spirituality and what it means. It created an identity so silly and ignorant, that it would cover up the true power and strength of what it actually represents. And thus, it achieves its purpose, hiding the core source of unbelievable radiating power- reducing it to a ridiculous “energy” we can laugh at.

To my dear God- what a slap in the face.

His power means nothing more than an “energy” that flows through creation. His light means nothing more than an “aura” radiating off a person. His meaning and lessons that He wishes to communicate to us mean nothing more than “fortunes” and “horoscopes” that the stars have formed to tell us so. What an actual slap in the face! You just slapped God in the face! And you liked it. To give more credit to His creation than to God Himself? I mean, it makes no sense, it is utterly ridiculous! But what I find particularly amusing is that even those who refuse to give Christ the real credit he deserves, are still able to see the utter ridiculousness of these made-up explanations to His power! And frankly, I would have a hard time believing in spirituality too if it was made out to be such silliness. But this is the problem at hand. People need to recognize that this is a facade. Of course, this is going to turn people away from it and what it really is and I mean… the devil sure does love disguising.

The truth is that if people knew what spirituality actually means and the real power that it holds behind it, they would be all over it. The beauty just shines through and it would shine through them. They would look around and understand the real meaning behind every single thing on this planet. Including dreams. This is why dreams are so beautiful. Because they are powerful. They are spiritual. They mean something. I know this seems ridiculous, I know, but believe me, they have been reduced to something we disregard and only really settle into when it’s good and for own pleasure. They channel into something much more awesome than we could ever imagine. And this is why the people that understand this- the people that can interpret these dreams… well, they’re real special. They recognize what no one else does, they understand true power. But it’s the extra step that gives them the advantage. They not only recognize, but they give credit to where it is due. They exalt the Lord for His power, they worship Him above and nothing else. They say, “Yes, Lord, we know it is you,” and they never forget it. And they do not keep this to themselves. They are responsible for opening the eyes of everyone to this facade. It is time for it to end. Some might say that is impossible. We have to be realistic. But then again, what can God do with real power? Anything.

I encourage you to ponder over your next dream. Think about what it means, do a little self-analyzing and reflection. Or better yet, ask God about it. You never know what He’ll tell you.

And to all those who are in touch with His true power- those who are not part of the facade: What a special gift you have. What a special gift you are. God himself knows what you are capable of and allows you to understand what so many others do not. You have a real purpose in life and a marvelous talent. And it is all for him. Help the rest of us understand too because it’s hard sometimes. Show what power and spirituality really is.

There is a difference though. Remember there is always a difference. And the side that’s got God on it is always better.

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