11.01.18 // thursday

Truly loving someone with a deepness and trueness that you can hardly believe yourself is more mind-boggling than anything I have ever experienced. I realize that Christ is in me and He is trying to shine through with such an intensity, that no one can hardly understand. The people that you love so truly cannot even reach the same level of realness and rawness because they do not know the Lord and are not able to experience His love through themselves. I think that this is why it is so difficult for me constantly because I repeatedly find myself disappointed. There is no one to share my renewed passion for life and my refreshed attitude of positivity and love. People don’t like hearing the truth, either. The last thing I want to do is offend, but there is a point when you know that someone is limiting themselves by choosing their way and temporary satisfaction. I just want them to be able to experience the unimaginable level of happiness that can only be reached through Christ. It takes the ultimate sacrifice, for you must hand over your entire life to Him, but then again, it has never been truly yours. But see, He gives us a choice still, and we just cannot do everything on our own. The world is scary, life is tough. Our hearts hurt and sometimes we don’t know if we can handle the pain. That’s why He stays. He stays until we finally cave in and call out for Him, amidst our blinding tears and shallow breathing. If all I can ever do in life is guide someone closer to Him in some little way, I will be beyond happy. If I can someday finally share my love with someone who yearns to do the same, I will be truly blessed. Because our lives are not ours. We are here on a mission.

– sarah alexa

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