like it’s our last dance

It really is insane how quickly you can come to love someone so much. How do you learn so much about another soul when only yesterday you were living your life without knowing they even existed? I think that is what is beautiful about humanity. We can connect and bond in ways that no other being can. We can pour our whole hearts into each other and discover everything that makes the whole subsistence of another person.

you’re the only thing i know

and i don’t wanna let this go

It’s not something that can so easily end, you know? When you spend so much time with someone, you get used to the feeling of them always being with you in heart and mind. You’re always with me. It’s kind of like a tree growing in the forest. It embeds its roots into the ground and entangles itself into the soil until it becomes a part of it and as it does, it becomes stronger. I think we do that with our hearts. Our souls connect and embed into each other so we’re always carrying a piece of one another. My roots become your roots and you make me stronger.

we were built to last

we were built like that

baby take my hand

tighten this romance

When we separate, it rips apart what was already forming together. It hurts a tree when you cut its roots. The leaves slowly start wilting until they fall off, the bark shrivels, and something that was once so robust and magnificent starts to lose its beauty. The tree dies.

crying, you ain’t with me

and it’s flooding the whole city

while my soul’s burning like a cigarette


A lot of the time, I just want to tell you every single thing that is going through my mind, no matter how insignificant it is. The thing that makes it significant is that you are there to hear it. Just sharing the same space with you gives my thoughts a purpose that makes me glad to be alive. People think that it is so hard to be happy. You know that because we have both thought that at one point or another. But it is really the simplicity of sitting next to someone that makes you feel like the beautiful creation that you are and seeing how that reflects in everything around you. The simplest things are the most beautiful. I find it in a smile, laughter, and in your eyes. It’s in the way we can hold hands and find the loveliness in what it is to cherish another being. I wonder if anyone realizes that that is what we are made to do, to cherish one another just as the Lord cherishes us.

we could take a chance

holding nothing back

I have realized that it is really a waste of our lives to keep our feelings and thoughts inside where they will never reach anyone. We are made to love, to create, to inspire. We have so many opportunities to change lives and we throw them away so easily with each day that passes. Lessons can come from pain and brokenness, but they also come from devotion, tenderness, and passion. In a rush to do everything we want to do and in such an intent to live life right, we can miss what is right in front of us. God puts us in places and brings people into our lives so that we can experience what we are meant to discern during that season.

way too soon to feel so strong

way too young to hurt so long

It feels unbelievably overwhelming sometimes. I have barely lived most of my life and to experience such intensity and profoundness in spirit and emotion is incredulous. But as I struggle and observe and encounter, I am maturing and I know that God is molding me into the best woman that I can be. I don’t want to let meaningful moments pass me by just because I am scared or because I subconsciously want to be perfect. I want to live the joys of spontaneity and adventure and still glorify the Lord through it all. I want to feel it all with you. I don’t want to seem like I am closed off. I want to love openly and freely and share in what really matters in life. That is how I want to experience my time here on earth. It will not be spent in vain.

we could take a chance

holding nothing back

like it’s our last dance


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