i still love you.

i do still love you so

so much that it hurts.

it hurts so much to think of your eyes looking into mine

your hands on my waist

your breath so close i can feel it

to think of those things that are no more

that only live in my memories.

past words that you said to me

i believed them all then

promises to stay by my side

to grow old together

confessions of your love for me that you said was one that would last forever.

“you are my one love”

yes, well, you are my one love, my dear.

i believe all these things still


because i feel them in my heart.

i may not be assured of them by you

but i know commitment for you

it was what i risked my heart for and why i put it all down.

these things are true

they are true for me

the sad part is that they may not be for you.

s. a.

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