15 of my non-materialistic favorite things

One of my favorite YouTubers inspired me to do this when I saw her make her own list up on her blog, so here I am! I definitely encourage everyone to do this, as a reflective journal entry, or even if it’s just mentally. It really gets you thinking about the beauty around us that…

like it’s our last dance

It really is insane how quickly you can come to love someone so much. How do you learn so much about another soul when only yesterday you were living your life without knowing they even existed? I think that is what is beautiful about humanity. We can connect and bond in ways that no other…

les rêves.

This is why dreams are so beautiful. Because they are powerful. They are spiritual. They mean something. What can God do with real power? Anything.

i talk a bit about me and Jesus

I consider my relationship with Jesus Christ to be very special and significant. Ever since I was very little, I have fully believed in his existence and his grand power. I am just very lucky to have the Lord Jesus Christ as my God and Savior and I am truly excited to grow my relationship with him as I begin a new and exciting chapter in my life!

You Make Me Feel Good (la la la la la)

If you haven’t been able to tell yet from my previous posts, I am a VERY emotional person. I am sentimental and empathetic, so I tend to feel other people’s emotions as well as my own and at times, that can get very overwhelming… believe me. But this also makes the emotions that I feel…

my fear is losing you.

You know those days that are so absolutely amazing and fantastically fun that you can’t help but smile thinking about? The feelings that stir up when you look through old pictures as you relive memories… Those are all familiar.

What about the sadness that settles in when you think about how the day is done? Passed? Finished? Yes, it was amazing, but why can it not go on forever?